St Benedict’s – Our Values and Ethos

To achieve the aim of our mission statement ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’, St Benedict’s seeks to provide a Christian environment, which engenders in young people self-confidence, an appreciation of the skills of their peers and a sensitivity to the needs of others.

Key points from the latest Inspection of Anglican Schools report (November 2016) are:-

“Warm relationships and extending hospitality are hallmarks of the school.”

“The School has considered carefully what it means to be a church school in a diverse community and works sensitively with families from all faiths and none. The Christian belief that all are equal in the sight of God underpins this approach and children speak eloquently and with commitment of this being a school where all are welcome. They are able to express their thoughts around spirituality clearly and confidently. There is a particularly strong emphasis on creative and social development and children’s all round growth is celebrated and promoted.”

“The rate of pupil progress has steadily improved over the last three years meaning that the school is now often meeting and sometimes exceeding national expectations in English and Maths. Children are able to explain clearly how values affect their approach to learning and as a consequence are more equipped to overcome obstacles to achievement.”

Our school is dedicated to St Benedict, and our pupils have many opportunities to experience what our beautiful church, situated just across the road from us, has to give them. However, we do not simply offer an education to young Christians, but a Christian education to children of any faith or belief.

St Ben’s offers a welcoming environment which is aesthetically pleasing and academically stimulating, and one which encourages pupils to recognise their talents in the fields of learning, creative expression and physical achievement.

We are a school where all Mums, Dads and Carers can be assured of educational excellence for their children, as part of our commitment to the community of Glastonbury through the development of pupils and staff.