Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Policy June 2017-19 – for review June 2019

Pupil Premium 2016-17

There are currently 64 St Benedict’s pupils who qualify for Pupil Premium funding.

By the mid-point of the academic year of 2016/17 Pupil Premium children at St Benedict’s were consistently making expected or greater than expected progress. It is pleasing that interventions have had a positive impact and that the progress and attainment of Pupil Premium children has increased.

In fact, we have targeted a larger proportion of the 1 to 1 and small group support expenditure to Y6 Pupil Premium children and it is pleasing to see that they outperformed their non-Pupil Premium peers in some instances and are closing the gap between themselves and their peers.

 Pupil Premium – where the money is spent

Total Pupil Premium Grant – £93,720

Looking after social emotional and mental health (£19,980)

St Benedict’s has run a number of nurture groups led by a qualified teacher which enable children to develop their social skills, self-esteem and learning behaviour. This work is led by a teacher and supported by teaching assistants.  Some of the funds were also used to provide bespoke enrichment activities, for example, the Back on Track programme which involves horse riding and equine care.

Children who have attended nurture groups have on average made reasonable progress in all year groups in Reading, Writing and Maths. Progress has accelerated in Y6 which seems to suggest that the impact of this provision is cumulative. There are examples of particular children making outstanding progress as a result of this provision.

Children commented that Back on Track helped them to learn a new skill such as jumping obstacles whilst trotting. They had to really concentrate and felt proud about their achievement. They say that it has helped them ‘get their confidence up’ and to feel ‘happier’ at school.

Maintaining smaller classes (£34,393)

At St Benedict’s we try to ensure that we always have 8 classes across the school. As far as possible we aim to have single year-group classes with no more than 30 pupils.

Sutton Trust research indicates that smaller class sizes accelerate attainment by +3 months.

Attendance support (£2,950)

St Benedict’s provides a breakfast club for pupils and so they don’t miss out on any learning. The school minibus collects children from St Benedict’s and our partner infant school, St John’s to help improve their attendance and punctuality.

A child commented ‘If we didn’t have the minibus I wouldn’t get to school on time and would miss out.’ Another child who no longer uses the minibus said’ it got me into the habit of waking up earlier.’

1-to-1 and small group support (£19,304)

Teachers work with small group or 1-to-1 with pupils to enhance provision for pupils who require more support to achieve expected and better progress. A particular focus of this provision is raising standards in Maths for children of all abilities, including St. Benedict’s  gifted and talented mathematicians.

In Writing Year 6 (2016 SATs), 79% of pupil premium children met the national standard which is 5% above the national average for all children.

In Reading in Year 6 (2016 SATs), 68% of pupil premium children met the national standard which is 2% above the national average for all children.

Year 6 children who receive free school meals achieved 16.4% greater than the county average in their combined Reading, Writing and Maths attainment.

Children attending Investigation Maths groups for St Benedict’s gifted and talented mathematicians made excellent progress (5 pupil premium children were working at greater depth at the end of Year 6 – 26%).

Outdoor and residential learning opportunity and building confidence (£2500)

Year 5 pupils spend a memorable, exciting and challenging time on a residential camp developing a range of social and leadership skills. St. Benedict’s uses the pupil premium grant to subsidise this trip for children who are or have been in receipt of free school meals.

Other activities funded include forest school, cooking and working with an artist.

Most children commented that the residential trip helped them to develop better teamwork skills and to become more independent.

One child commented ‘I am now more independent and think about things more.’ Another child said ‘It helped my confidence because I was scared to do grass sledging but I did it and it was great fun.’

A child working with the artist said that she learnt how to show light in her paintings which was great.

Teaching Assistant led programmes (£9,973)

Skilled and experienced teaching assistants lead, monitor and evaluate specialised learning programmes in key areas of learning, such as Speech & Language, phonics and basic numeracy. At St Benedict’s the programmes we use include 123 Maths, ILI, Talk Partners, Acceleread/Accelerwrite, Read Write Inc, etc. Please note that some of this expenditures has been moved to main school budget.

Sutton Trust research indicates that small group tuition accelerates attainment by +4 months.

Additional management release time (£2000)

An experienced teacher is employed to cover the classes of Mr Ranger, Mrs Rood, Miss Murphy and Mrs Caston when they are released to monitor and support learning across the school.

This has enabled teachers with responsibility for the School Development Plan to carry out in-depth monitoring and to refine our approaches to benefit PP children and accelerate progress against key progress targets.

Additional ICT expenditure (£2520)

Laptops have been bought for each classroom allowing there to be a spare laptop in class for computerised interventions. This will enable us to further prioritise PP interventions, ensuring that they are completed consistently and efficiently.

Uniform (£100)

When appropriate we provide uniform for PP children as it is important that they feel part of the school and uniform is a key way in which we demonstrate that we are a cohesive learning community.

Pupil Premium 2015-16