Our link with Mano Primary School, Zambia

In recognition of our commitment to the world-wide community, St Ben’s has established a learning partnership with Mano Primary School in Mufulira, Zambia. Mano has around 1400 mainstream pupils (the ‘norm’ for a Zambian primary!) also catering for those with hearing and visual impairment.

At present Year 5 is starting to exchange messages with their counterparts at Mano. Our aim is to create an educational, equitable (non-charitable), mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership with whole school and local community involvement.

It is hoped this partnership will help all involved to develop an understanding and appreciation of our own communities, recognise our place and relationship within the wider world and consider ideas and issues beyond our own daily lives.

Through joint activities we will increase our understanding of different cultures, challenge stereotypes whilst exploring similarities and differences. These will include:-

  • Exchange of staff and pupil emails
  • Sharing of teaching and learning strategies and resources
  • School displays to raise awareness of, and celebrate partnership achievements
  • After School World Club
  • Whole school Zambia Day at St Ben’s

It is envisaged that at a later stage teacher exchanges will take place with the support of government organisations such as the British Council.

Zambia Update – January 2017

Mano Primary School and St Ben’s continue to exchange news and curriculum ideas through email and visitors. The work between the two schools has recently been recognised by the British Council with its bestowing of the Foundation of the International School Award to St Ben’s.

It is anticipated that further collaborative work will be a vital part of St Ben’s application for the Intermediate Stage of the International School Award.

Mano Primary Newsletter 2013

Please contact Sarah Hamlet on 01458 831811 or at SHamlet@educ.somerset.gov.uk for further information.

Where is Mufulira?