Sport & Clubs

In September 2013, the school received a grant of £9,000 to help fund some exciting new initiatives to encourage our young people to get involved and to stay active and healthy.

Do have a read of the documents below to see how the money has been and is being spent.

PE and Sport Premium 2016-18

PE Development Plan 2014-16 – evaluation

Clubs at St Ben’s

Clubs – Spring term 2018

Cross Country Club

Football at St Ben’s

Tag Rugby

Sports at St Ben’s – photo gallery

At St. Benedict’s we have lots of clubs and after-school activities. Some change from term to term, others last all year round. Please click on the link above to see what is on offer this term.

Considering the safety of your child is of the utmost importance to all our staff.

We know you will help us by:-

  • Collecting your child after the club. No child should walk home unaccompanied. It is important for parents to remember that in a few weeks children will be walking home in reduced daylight.
  • Phoning the office/seeing the teacher in charge/writing a letter if your child is unable to attend or does not wish to come anymore.
  • In the event of a club being cancelled due to poor weather or other circumstances, we will endeavour to contact you, however please feel free to call the school office and check whether your child’s club is happening.  If we are unable to contact you, your child will stay with the teacher until the normal collection time.

Clubs, Teams and Fixtures

At St. Benedict’s Junior School we believe in giving every child the opportunity to engage in physical activity and sport.  Our P.E. lessons promote the concept of children encouraging each other and working as a team whilst pushing themselves as individuals.  We firmly believe that children should enjoy exercise.

Central to our inclusive ethos are intra-school tournaments which allow children to participate in organised sport with an onus on celebrating team skills and enjoyment of the game.  Over the past year we have organised a whole-school cricket event and a Champions’ League Football Tournament in which the majority of our pupils took part.  Our staff are always happy to get involved and have taken the children on at cricket, netball and football (with mixed results!).

In addition to this, we actively endorse extra-curricular clubs as a means to offering children access to further sporting opportunities.  Through their attendance at clubs, children may be selected to represent the school at sporting fixtures.  In most cases a team is selected, however, in certain sports, such as Cross-Country, every child who wishes to may run for the school..

Clubs offered so far this year, (in alphabetical order):

Chess, Choir, Craft, Cross-Country, Football, Gardening, Netball, Orchestra, Scrabble, Tag Rugby, Wild Gardeners, World Club.

During the festive season, the choir, under the guidance of Mrs Coton, embarked on a tour of local nursing homes.  They received rave reviews and are taking bookings for next year!

St Ben’s Chess Club

Competitive Sport

Cross-Country and Athletics:

We have taken part in the Mendip Junior Athletics’ Cross-Country League for many seasons now having won various trophies throughout the years.  Each season consists of five meetings, beginning in October and ending in March.

In the summer, Mendip Junior Athletics also organise a Mini-Olympics incorporating numerous athletics events.  This takes place at Millfield.


Every June, we participate in the Area Schools Swimming Gala hosted by Strode Leisure Centre in Street.

Gifted and Talented:

Those children recognised as ‘talented’ at PE participate in a session for an hour a week during the first half term of each school term. This is run by sports coach Emma Boddy and focuses on core skills such as balance and co-ordination.

Girls and Sport:

National figures show that there is high rate of girls dropping out of sport, so we are dedicated to providing exciting activities to keep our girls engaged. As part of this drive, we currently offer a dance session as part of the curriculum as well as an extra-curricular ‘Street-Dance’ club.