Summer Term 2017 

Class Placement Policy July 2017

Meet the teachers

Senior Leadership Team and Subject Leaders

Headteacher:  Mr Steve Gumm

Deputy Head:  Mr Piers Ranger

Learning Mentor:   Mrs Jane Newbury assisted by  Mrs Lynne Flagg


Year 3:

3AL (Cat) Teacher: Miss Amy Lowe

3SC (Unicorn) Teacher: Mrs Shena Caston 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hayley Field and Mrs Micky Hurd (3AL) and Miss Becky Grenter (3SC)


Year 4:

4JF (Owl) Teacher: Mrs Jackie Ford

4TA (Chameleon) Teacher: Miss Tina Anderson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sarah Hamlet, Miss Jill Branton and Mrs Julie Warwick (4JF) and Miss Zoe Ball and Mrs Tina Lawford (4TA)


Year 5:

4/5JB (Spider) Teacher: Mrs Jane Brown

5EC (Tortoise) Teacher: Mrs Liz Coton

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Tina Lock (4/5JB) and Mrs Sandra Mulready (5EC)


Year 6:

6PR (Leopard) Teacher: Mr Piers Ranger

6RS (Peacock) Teacher: Mrs Rachel Rood (formerly Miss Stanbury)

Please note that while Mrs Rood takes Maternity Leave this term, class teaching will be shared between Miss Jo Murphy (Monday – Wednesday) and Miss Jo Hopkins (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Trudi Allen (6PR) and Miss Jo Hopkins (6RS)


SASP coach/DASH (Do Activity Stay Healthy) Leader:  Mr Matt Hyde

SENCO and Deputy Head Cover: Miss Jo Murphy and Mrs Sarah Elsley

French Teacher:  Madame Caroline Taylor


Non-teaching staff

Parent Support Advisor: Mrs Mandy Thorpe

Office:  Mrs Jane Neale (Clerical Officer) with Mrs Jane Daniels (Finance Officer)

Caretaker:  Mr Andy Shaw

Lunch-time Staff:  Mrs Neale, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Cullen, Miss Lock, Miss Grenter, Mrs Salter and Mrs Garland


ELLI – Developing Lifelong Learning

Maths Calculation Policy

Accelerated Reading Scheme explained

Curriculum and Curriculum Statement

Literacy Long Term Map

Recognizing Achievement

Gifted & Talented Children Policy 2016

St Benedict’s School SEND Offer