Behaviour Policy and Principles

Behaviour Policy July 2017 – for review July 2018

Statement of Behaviour Principles 2017

The Governing Board of St Benedict’s C of E VA Junior School feel that the behaviour policy should take full account of, and reflect, the rights and responsibilities of the school, its children and the parents/carers as set out in DfE Guidance on school discipline and behaviour.

In particular the policy and its underlying principles should:

  • Promote and support appropriate communications between the school, its children and parents/carers on the behaviour of individual children;
  • Be so worded that they can be explained clearly to children of any age and level of attainment;
  • Be based on widespread consultation amongst children, staff and parents/carers about acceptable standards of behaviour;
  • Enhance the safety and welfare of children and staff, and their perceptions of safety;
  • Make clear the links between acceptable children’s behaviour and the quality of their learning, by promoting behavioural improvement as a means of improving learning and teaching and children’s enjoyment of school;
  • Encourage a healthy balance between, and a positive attitude towards, rewards and sanctions, to encourage good behaviour;
  • Promote consistency of application and support appropriate continuing professional development for all staff;
  • Be challenging, but realistic and appropriate, in supporting the school’s development plan, as the school builds on its successes;
  • Be transparent and well-focussed on inclusion, equality of application and match to each child’s needs, in the context of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability;
  • Ensure that vulnerable children receive sensitive and well-matched behavioural support according to their needs.